Saturday’s Events At Grand River Outfitting & Fly Shop

19 Jan

Photography by Gabriel Bizeau-Régis


Is there any better way to fight the Canadian winter blues than going to a fly tying workshop on a Saturday morning?

Specially if it involve the great Southern Ontario fly tier and single malt lover Jin Lee! Incredible vice-free fly tying skills and the funniest personality!


I also got to visit the new fly shop in Fergus, Grand River Outfitting & Fly Shop! The shop is awesome and Rob, Scott and Tania are amazing, make sure you visit them if your passing by!

Visit their website for more info about their events, there’s something going on every Saturday morning!


Classic Salmon Fly tied with no vice!

Classic salmon fly tied with no vice by Whisky Jin!


Gear Review : The Galvan Torque 8wt Fly Reel

15 Jan
Photography by Gabriel Bizeau

Photography by Gabriel Bizeau

Galvan Fly Reel is a California-based family business producing some of the finest hand-made/American made fly reels on the market. Since this summer I have had the chance to fish with one of their staple reels, the Torque 8wt.

For now on, this reel will be my go-to for smallmouth, pike and carp and Steelhead when the seasons are on.


The Galvan Torque 8wt is built with some amazing tech features. Good drag systems make a good reel, and it is ever true for the Torque. The drag on the Torque is just ridiculously smooth! What I really love about this reel is that it needs very minimal care. The disc drag is made of thermoplastic and carbon fibre and requires very little lubrication. On top of that, the drag system has no ball bearing and is replaced by a self-lubricating plastic bushing that is almost completely friction free.

Angler Friendly

One major thing that stands out about the Torque for me is how user-friendly the reel is. The drag knob is big and easy to adjust while fighting big fish. Also, the very simple spool removing press button must be one of the easiest ones on the market.

The Torque is also very easy to switch from left to right retrieve. It is a really good feature, especially for fly shop working! They don’t need to go watch Youtube video on how to set up the reel like the customer likes it! – Trust me I have seen it!

Photography by Gabriel Bizeau

Photography by Gabriel Bizeau

Solid Like A Rock

One thing that struck me with the Torque 8wt is how solid this reel is. The reel is made from T6 solid bar stock aircraft grade aluminum and can really take a beating! Its simple but very attractive design is made to offer a reel that is equally tough and light.

Large Harbor Spool

The spool features a large harbor design and there’s room for at least 200 yards of backing plus your fly line. The Torque 8wt would also be a good option for a spey rod caster because the spool definitely as enough room for balkier fly lines.

So what is it to remember about the Galvan Torque 8wt reel? The low maintenance is a great asset as well as the self lubricating drag. Also, very easy to manipulate to change the line, the retrieve and to clean. It can outstand harsh conditions without fear of damage. On top of that the Galvan reels are 100% made and manufactured in the USA!

I’m excited for the next fly fishing season of steelhead, smallmouth, carp and all other big fish that require good equipment and smooth drag for awesome fights!

Special thanks to Lou and the Galvan Fly Reel team for this great review opportunity.

Visit for more info about these amazing reels!




New Finds In Fly Fishing Video

7 Jan

I haven’t been working on ATAMH a hole lot these last couple months but I have many ideas and projects for 2015, it’s going to be a good year for the fly fishing culture blog!

I spent last night watching some awesome fly fishing videos and these are the ones that strikes me the most!


The latest Video from OutsmartingFish as great beat and the filming is awesome! Look at those dry fly takes!


Some carp action on Beaver Island with Scumliner Media


This is the preview of a fly fishing/cold water surfing filmed in Iceland by The Howler Bros:


Some pretty sexy trout porn in Denmark


And finally, an aesthetically prefect fly tying video by Westler&Orrbeck Fine Fishing


Thanks for watching everyone! Look out because more stuff is coming up soon!

Winter edition of Revive Fly Fishing Journal

6 Jan

Winter Journal cover

This is a very special edition of this awesome online magazine Revive Fly Fishing because it features a photo essay I put together after my trip back home in the rolling hills outside Québec city. Thanks to Bryan Crumpler the editor and owner of the magazine for giving me a shot!

It also as adventures, killer photographs and articles from Cortney Boice, The Fly Fishing Collaboratives, Jilliam Lukiwiski and more…

Click on the image to read the winter edition of Revive Fly Fishing Journal. Or visit

“No Man’s Land” (Trailer) – Official Selection, IF4™ 2015

19 Dec

I want to congratulate Hooké for their nomination to the IF4 2015! The film look and sound amazing and I’m glad that they will be representing Quebec in all it’s glory! Quebec is an amazing place to fly fish and Hooké is the best to represent it!

Congradulation to Fred and all his Hooké team!

Faceless Fly Fishing 2015 Calendar

15 Dec


Faceless Fly Fishing and the Canadian fly fishing magazine Fly Fusion have paired together to offer a calendar filled with amazing photography from Faceless! Click on the photo to go see the website and get your calendar ASAP!


Tørt Fly Fishing Iceland Pilot

11 Dec

The latest video from Tørt Fly Fishing is out! Completely unreal Island footage from air and from ground and big Icelandic brown trout. 10 minutes of serious fly fishing porn!


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