Hooké Ungava : An Expedition to No Man’s Land

24 Nov

This Hooké video was film last summer but just came out recently after touring in Québec the past year! It’s so far the very best of what Fred Campbell and his crew as ever done! I always have been obsess with the Québec and Canada great North. This is amazing, watch it!

Picks Of The Week!

23 Nov
Flat lay featuring the Elk Horn foam cap, Filson Alaskan guide shirt and fly box filled with self tied and Gaspe Fly Co, flies.

Flat lay featuring the Elk Horn foam cap, Filson Alaskan guide shirt and fly box filled with self tied and Gaspe Fly Co, flies.

The Picks for this week present some great products from some of my favourite companies!

The Elkhorn Foam Shop Hat in Campfire red from Western Rise, an apparel and camping gear brand from Colorado. Get yours at http://westernrise.com/products/elkhorn-foam-shop-hat-red

The Alaskan Guide Shirt from Filson, it’s a flannel, and it’s crazy thick and high quality. Nothing to add about Filson really, the name speak for itself! Check it out at http://www.filson.com/men/shirts/alaskan-guide-shirt-alaska-fit.html

The Classic flies come from my own vice and also from Gaspe Fly Co. who I pro staff for! They distribute the best flies from MFC, Shadow Flies and a whole bunch of fly fishing accessory to the Canadian market! visit http://gaspefly.com/ for more info on Gaspe Fly. Co.



Peacock Bass on Fly “Digital Bridge”

19 Nov

Does chasing peacock bass on the fly in the Miami canals sounds awesome to you? Then watch this video from Spooled Reels and you shall not be disappointed! Awesome job from Spooled Reels again!

Coy-Wolf Kill

18 Nov

DSC_1198The things we see by the river! Mitch Duesling and I were searching for steelhead along the Grand river when Mitch saw a whole bunch of deer hair spread all over the place. It is then that we saw this! As a fly fishing photographer, such random act of nature is an awesome things to see and photograph! I should mention that I’m still looking for my first Fall 2015 steelhead…. It’s part of the fun they say! Cheers fly fishy peeps!


A new brand of drug.

10 Nov

Sick, Sick, Sick! This is the best from 9p#5 Média! Check it out! Albacore and awesome beat!

The Fly Fishing Film Tour Is Coming to Southern Ontario!

6 Nov

Fly Fishing Film Tour_2015

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is coming to Southern Ontario! It’s hosted by Mariko Izumi and it’s happening on Saturday November 14 at the Mohawk Inn&Conference Centre at 7pm, doors open at 6. Fly fishing video is a huge part of the blog and I really hope I can make it! Let us know how it was in the comment section!

Flat Lay

4 Nov

Flat Lay GFCI’m working on different flat lay ideas these days and I though I would share some of them with you, fly fishy people!

In this photo, you can see the camo T-Shirt from Gaspe Fly Co. Available at http://gaspeflyshop.com/en/shop/clothing/camo-gfc-t-shirt/

And an Abel Nipper find here: http://www.abelreels.com/store/Abel-Nippers.html

The flies are my own tie: Alec Jackson Daiichi hook – Muddler Minnow, Cerf Noir and a Blue Charm



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