Drift Fishing Update

19 Aug


Mitch at Drift Fishing as done some nice update on the website! This guy works really hard to build a cool fly fishing website. Go take a look at http://www.fishdrift.com/




15 Aug


Crazy video by a group from Quebec visiting some of the most wicked fly fishing places of the province! It really show a great example of why Quebec is such an amazing fly fishing place!


Vidéo créé par un groupe du Québec appelé Mouche. Le vidéo est bourré de scènes à couper le souffle,  dans des décors de fou! ça montre à quel point le Québec n’a pas à envié quiconque pour leur spots de pêche à la mouche.


Hooké à la Pourvoirie du lac Oscar!

13 Aug

The guys at Hooké are going out of their element to chase pike and lake trout on the fly! Taking place in Quebec at the Pourvoirie Du Lac Oscar. Check out the lake trout in July, incredible!

Drift Fishing Website

6 Aug


Guys go check out the new Drift Fishing website dedicated to fly fishing! I’m one of the contributor and will be sharing some of my best photographs I happened to shoot.

Click the logo to see the site!


Hooké à Gaspé! Part 2

2 Aug


The second part of Hooké adventure in Gaspé! Hooké vibes! Such a good fly fishing vibe!

Suicidal Little Brown

31 Jul

Grand River brown

Either you haven’t had lots of success trout fly fishing, or your starting out and your intimidated or, you simply feel super lazy and don’t feel like working too hard on your day off. So, go fly fishing for trout right after the stocking of the small one!

I was on my way to Fergus, Ontario, with my friend Mike one Monday last June. Since I’m fairly new to Ontario I have only heard of the Grand and how great it is. I also hear that if you don’t nymph, you won’t catch much. Since I grew up on a so called easy brook trout river, I’ve never really been into nymphing – streamers, bushy dries and swung flies have always been my norm.

The river as been filled with 10 inchs brown trout a week before and they would be biting at everything. My friend called them the suicidal little browns. It was time to get my nymphing straightened up.

The suicidal browns, the newbies, the uneducated – call it the way you want, are the perfect fish to exercise any fly fishing skills you want to work on. Casting technique, new flies, leader size… Even netting the fish properly if you want!

For more information about the Upper Grand River Stocking Program, click on the link image below:



30 Jul

Shots I took last time fly fishing for bucketmouth.

IMG_3431 IMG_3434


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