Hooké à Gaspé! Part 1

26 Jul


Wicked time spend by the Hooké tribe! Check them out on the Darmouth around Gaspé!



“TURF-N-SURF” by Dan Decibel

23 Jul

Very cool video from Dan Decibel. Featuring fly fishing and surfing paired with a chill song! Awesome!


New Dizm Eco Eyewear website

21 Jul


Dizm redesign their website and it look super charp ! just go to http://dizmecoeyewear.com/store/ to check it out!

Online Magazine Issues Out

16 Jul

This is a good week for the fly fishing webosphere! Two issues of my favourite online magazines just came out!

Southern Culture On The Fly with poetry, Marc Crapo and  some amazing shots! Eh, what we do wrong up here in Canada? ahahaha


and This is Fly, but I haven’t read it yet.


Have a good read!


Animated Knots By Grog

14 Jul


This is the link of a very good website with instructional animated knots I just find. There’s a bunch of very good knots in the fishing section and in all the website for that matter.

Check it out!


Teaser : Hooké à Gaspé!

12 Jul

Wow, the guys at Hooké never stop and it’s reflected a lot in their work!

Their video work is getting better each year and this teaser from Gaspé reflect just that!

The drone job is amazing, the song is good as always.

Enjoy you bunch of fly fisher!

Fly Fishing Photographers you must be following on Instagram

9 Jul

I’m super obsess with fly fishing photography and as a result, I spend way too much time on Instagram, looking at other photographers work. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you some of the sickest fly fishing photographers you absolutely must follow on Instagram. These are some of my favourites.



Faceless Fly Fishing Production is an account run by the very talented Timber Pringle and Darcy Toner. They are both amazing photographers and show off the best of Alberta fly fishing from trout, pike, and grayling.They also have very cool photo from their adventure in the southern hemisphere. Visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Faceless.Flyfishing.Media.Page to give them a like or send them a message!

@ Freestoneriverphotography


This is the Instagram account of Matt Guymon, a professional fly fishing adventure photographer. His photographs are always amazing and is range of work go from the Rocky Mountain to Alaska. Matt as work with many known fly fishing companies! For more info about Matt and is amazing photo work, visit http://freestonephotography.weebly.com/

@ Southernflyphotography


Run by Thomas Harvey, Southern Fly Photography is all about the South. From bluegill, trouts, bonefish and redfish – the photographs are very colourful and eye catching! Thomas’s website is http://southernflyphotography.com/ for more info about this southern style fly fisherman/photographer.

@ Hookeqc


Always have been a fan of Hooké since their debut. They are based from my homegrown Quebec City and fly fish for Atlantic salmon and trout. They promote cool fly fishing vibes and their videos are amazing as well! Check out their fly fishing adventures as well as their boutique at https://hooke.ca/

@ Adiposeflyfishing


Alberta guys I have followed for a while. The photography work of these guys is amazing. Alberta is one of the best fly fishing destination in Canada and their photography as well as their video shot just how rad the province can get for the fly fisher! You can visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Adiposeflyfishing



This is a world class fly fishing photography adventure. Mostly Australia and New Zealand but also around the world. Visit their website at http://www.aussieflyfisher.com/



Since Alberta seem to hold a very good bunch of fly fishing photographers, I can’t pass by The Bug Parade. That couple puts some of the sickest fly fishing shots out there. Visit Amber and Brandon awesome blog at http://thebugparade.com/.

Voilà! There’s a lot more than that, but these guys are definitely among the best on Instagram and the web!


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