Amongst the Kootenays – A Precursor.

17 Sep

This could easily be the most rad fly fishing video of the summer! Sick footage of crazy cutthroat catch on dries, sick beat and sick scenery!

Canadian made too!


The Winter Blues And Fly Tying

17 Sep


The subject is a little irrelevant since Fall is starting soon but I wrote and shot this last spring for an online magazine but the project averted for some reason.

I do not know the exact date you are going to read this, but as I’m writing right now,
there still a meter high snow bank in front of my apartment.
So, it’s the end of March now. It’s about -12° Celsius right, that means about 6.8° F., ITS COLD! The weather network said this morning; it will be a late spring. Thanks for stating the obvious!

I’m writing this while listening some melancholic blues; the situation is more than appropriate.
When you’re a fly fisher, winter means reading books, magazines, and tying flies in anticipation for the next season. But what if the “so called” next season is late to show up?!
What can we do? Drink bourbon and tie flies, over and over again!
Which I do!

I have reorganized my fly boxes at least 4 times this winter, took photographs of them and… And drank more. Like I had a bad break up.
The good thing about a bad winter is the ridiculous amount of flies that will come out of it! I like to tie theme boxes of flies. I have many fly fishing projects this summer so I tied regarding these projects! I know I’m going up North East to my home town in the rolling hills of Quebec city. So I’m working on a fly box full of Muddlers of different sizes and colours and some Wulff style big bushy armpit like dries. It’s pure brook trout fishing there! They still eat that!

I’m tying lots of mice too, because I want to hit some night time browns this summer…. I heard of some nasty monsters in Southern Ontario… We’ll see.
But, like I said, its March now and the Great lakes Steelhead and suckers should be getting ready to go spawn! But their river and spawning ground are still under a meter thick ice sickle.

So I tie, and tie, and drink a little more… Waiting… For what? For the steelhead to come, for the trout season to open, for the water to warm up – so the carp are aggressive – to throw popper to some bass.
Will it come soon? Not soon enough… I can tell you that.









Text and photographs: Gabriel Bizeau-Régis

King of the River – trailer

12 Sep


Make sure to watch the amazing new documentary about the great Atlantic salmon adventure into the beautiful Gaspé peninsula!

I keep hearing comments about it from fly angler at the fly shop and I’m getting very excited myself!


MOORLAND | Coldingham Loch

9 Sep

Video made by Moorland. Taking place in Scotland!

Gear Review : The Tacky Fly Box

8 Sep

tacky fly box

I recently had the chance of getting my hands on a very new product in the fly fishing industry, the Tacky Fly Box.

I say new because Tim Jenkins and his team worked really hard these last few years to build what they would claim to be the perfect fly box. It’s a hard delivery and I have been putting it to test since the last month. Here’s what I think of it so far.

The biggest difference with the TFB compared to other boxes is that the slots sheet is made of silicone instead of foam. As we all know, foam slots have a tendency to get looser with time and use. This is when the silicone slots become useful because unlike the foam, the silicone keeps its form after use.

It is not a double sided fly box and the amount of flies you can put in it is slightly smaller but this is compensated by the slit aligned with an upset so you can fit a fly in literally every single one of them.

Tacky Fly box

I love to tie parachute dry and the Tacky Fly Box has a nice depth to it and can fit big dries and even some smaller trout streamers if you want. Although, I find that the TFB is a very good nymphs fly box because of the way it is spaced out and the clear lid help to see the tiny flies.

The slim profile of the TFB is perfect to fit many of them in a sling pack or a vest. Also, the box is made of very hard plastic, is very solid and can take hits. I’m just back from a brook trout trip around the rolling hills of Quebec city and the wading was very hard and tricky! I have never took as many tumbles in five days that I did the last two years! I especially filled the TFB with my favourite brookie flies and it’s basically the only fly box I used. With all the tumble and beating I – I mean, IT took, it definitely holds itself! All of that without any flies coming loose! The hinge system of the fly box is also made with great quality and won’t break easily.


Since it came out, everyone as been talking about it! It even won the Best of Show for Storage System at the latest IFTD. It’s a fly box that we definitely will be seeing a lot more in the future in fly fishers’ back pockets. Not because it’s new and it’s cool, but because it works, it’s solid and super practical.

For more info about the Tacky Fly Box or to purchase, visit:

Hooké Patagonia: Aventura de pesca a mosca

7 Sep


Finally! The Hooké tour is done and everyone can enjoy their adventures in Patagonia! A must guys!


Bass on trout flies

3 Sep

bass on trout flies

I was practising with my friends 4wt before going on a brook trout trip and caught a bunch of these little guys on muddler minnows  in Toronto.


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