Issue 51 of This Is Fly

17 Apr

The spring issue of This Is Fly is out! Read text from Daniel Silverberg and Joseph Mara, Trout Unlimited and Travis Bradford! Also featuring on of my favourite fly fishing photographer Nick Shirghio!

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Issue 15 Of Southern Culture On The Fly Is Out

15 Apr

ImageProxy.mvcClick on the photo to read it! Filled with southern fly fishing badassness!



11 Apr
Photograph: Gabriel Bizeau-Régis

Photograph: Gabriel Bizeau-Régis

Hooké & 47 Brand Collaboration

10 Apr















Hooké and 47 Brand have collaborated to produce these cool new caps and tees! They look awesome from Old Quebec to the bank of the Dartmouth.




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Interview with Pierre Lainé of La Flyfab

7 Apr
Photo: Pierre Lainé

Photo: Pierre Lainé

I had the chance to send a couple of questions to French fly fishing guide and fly tier Pierre Lainé about his new fly website

I asked him about the material he likes to use to tie his flies and the fly fishing opportunity France has to offer!

ATAMH:I have noticed your flies are tied with very traditional materials like CDC, pheasant tail etc., but have a very modern touch to them. Could you tell us a little more about your flies?

Pierre: It is true that I use a lot of natural material. In fact I use very few materials to tie my flies in general – Hairs, Deer hair, CDC and Coq.
I find my inspiration by the river bank! I have gained quite a bit of experience on the subject over the years and my flies are mounted with the sole goal of pleasing the fish. To please the fish, the flies need to be as close as possible to the real bug in size and colour. What seems to be the most important and challenging task is to tie flies that move, are light and look alive. This becomes very important to make a fish want to make a move towards your fly (especially French fish, but I will be back to it in your last questions).

Photo: Pierre Lainé

Photo: Pierre Lainé

When you understand these characteristics, you realize that natural materials is what works best in making your flies look alive! Nonetheless, to make a fly look like the real insect, the profile and the proportions of it is very important! My flies use very little materials and I think it gives it an incredible lightness, this might be why you can see a modern touch to them.

ATAMH: Your dries seem to be tied with mostly CDC but you barely used any hackle, why is that?

Pierre: A good CDC feather has many advantages: it’s super light, it’s flexible, it floats extremely well and, after been dyed, has an endless colour panel! Again, I tried to make flies that look as real as possible and CDC is exactly made for that. When you get use to CDC, you can gauge the amount of feathers to use on the hook shank to tie flies with different flotations – high on the water, emergers and even flies that stay in the water film. CDC is super versatile and this is why I use it the most.

ATAMH: Finally, I would like you to tell us more about what kind of fly fishing experience people traveling to France can expect to have?

Pierre: France offers an incredible diversity of fly fishing opportunities! In only a couple of hours of driving you have the possibility to fish high mountain rivers and lakes in the Pyrenees Mountain and the Alps, Gin clear streams of the Franche-Compté and Cévennes to dark and earthy water of the Bretagnes and Auvergne. There’s also bigger river like the Dordogne and the Ain without forgetting the salt water opportunities for Tuna, Stripped Bass and Bonitos.

About the trout fly fishing in France, it can be quite difficult and challenging at times. Due to the high density of the angler population, the rivers are busier and the trout, who are caught many times are weary. Although, it is possible to have an amazing day of fishing and the possibility of catching very big trout is there!
It become very important to use a very long and fine leader, very fine. Back home in France, we get crazy when we watch fly fishing video coming from North America! It is a totally different fishing here. Here, you have to fish fly line no bigger then 5wt and the leaders are very long to be as stealthy as possible averaging 6 to 10 meters, from 5x to 8x!
But, with a little bit of casting practice and perseverance, the prize comes rapidly and France can offer incredible wild fisheries and even some record sizes!

Pierre Lainé

Pierre Lainé

I would like to thanks Pierre Lainé to take the time to answer my questions and to share is knowledge of fly fishing to all ATAMH readers.
Pierre as been a fly fishing guide for many years as well as a furious competitor. His adventures can be seen in many publications like This is Fly and he’s also part of the fly fishing video production 9p#5 Media

Visit his website at

This is the latest video of  9p#5 Media :

Tailing Black Drum on Fly (Once Upon A Time…)

2 Apr

Latest Tale from Spooled Reel! Follow the knights chasing the troll! Huge black drum on the fly is what it is all about! By Christopher Scott Helt

The Deepest Valley

2 Apr

Check this video out people! Sick scenery of the the Owens River valley fly fishing for beautiful brown trout!

Made by Octave Zangs of Zangs Film. Good stuff!


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