Thumbs up for pike

6 Oct

Bloody fingers, Good fun and awesome tune! What’s not to like about this video! Made by Stefan Ågren from

My New Portfolio

5 Oct


Eh everyone!

I finally made the move and build a real portfolio about my photography work! That would be awesome if you guys take a look! It shows my extent of my photography tool box from fly fishing (off course), products photography and more! It’s a work in progress, more to be added while I grew as a photographer

Visit or check in the heather bar of the blog! Thanks for checking it out!

Cheers everyone!


Spey Casting Photographs

2 Oct

Photographs: Gabriel Bizeau-Regis

Anglers: Mitch Duesling and Uncle Joe



Uncle Joe showing off how it's done!

Uncle Joe showing off how it’s done!



The So Fly team doing their thing!

Micro Management by Dan Decibel

29 Sep

This video from Dan Decibel IS the best example of why fly fishing Florida is soooo damned cool! Good vibe, awesome music and killer footage!

Small Stream Action

28 Sep

Early morning, small trout, fog and rain. Everything lined up for an awesome day of small stream fly fishing! Anglers: Mitch Duesling, Yilma Campbell and myself!

Photo: Gabriel Bizeau-Regis



Mitch Duesling set up in the headwater of the Credit river Ontario

Mitch Duesling set up. Sexy!

Yilma casting

Yilma casting


One of the biggest fish of the day! A Beautiful brook trout. Thanks to Mitch for the shot!


LOOP : Connecting fly-fishers worldwide

25 Sep


This is the latest fly fishing video from Fokus Outdoor production. The Hooké crew were up North on the Hunt river in Labrador with the Loop team. The video is incredible, fly fishing for atlantic salmon, brook trout and arctic char!

Enjoy and go fly fishing this weekend!

Hooké New Chemise Pocket Fly

24 Sep


I recently saw Hooké newest addition to their awesome fly fishing life style clothing collection. The Chemise Pocket Fly looks great featuring quilted fabric and a removable fly pocket on the left side of the chest. The classic fly logo is featured in the Velcro when the pouch is remove and it feature nice detail and hardware! Check it out by clicking on the photos below!




The Hooké Canadian Shirt and the famous original hoodie are also back!



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