Big Ouananiche!

21 May

The first Hooké adventure of this season is out! Chasing Ouananiche in Québec! This adventure is proving that patience pay off! It’s not always about numbers!

Sucka Face!

20 May
Sucker on the Ganny, Southern Ontario

Sucker on the Ganny, Southern Ontario


Link: 8 Tips On Photographing Fish Without Harming Them

6 May

This is a very great article from Louis Cahill from GINK & GASOLINE about tips on how not harm the fish you just caught while taking a photo! Check it out! It’s mandatory!


Classic Hair Wings

4 May

Cerf Noir & Silver Rat



Silver Rat


Having some fun with the studio during lunch time at work.

Featured Films This Week

1 May

I haven’t had too much time to post because I have been out chasing steelhead quite a bit the last couple of week!

These are my picks of my favourite latest fly fishing videos that came out recently on the web!


Christopher Helts is all about black drums these days and this is the latest video about it!

This one is about Derek and Jeff of the Hooké tribe who went to the Bahamas to target Bonefish.


And this one also from Hooké visiting Missoula, Montana for the Orvis Guide Rendez Vous.


Cheers and have Fly Fishy weekend!

No Roe Required



Casting Flies On The Humber

21 Apr
Casting flies on the Humber river in Toronto.

Casting flies on the Humber river in Toronto. Photograph by Gabriel Bizeau-Régis

Issue 51 of This Is Fly

17 Apr

The spring issue of This Is Fly is out! Read text from Daniel Silverberg and Joseph Mara, Trout Unlimited and Travis Bradford! Also featuring on of my favourite fly fishing photographer Nick Shirghio!

Click the photo to read,



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